Jennifer Youker, Sixth Grade

Youker, Jennifer.jpg

Learning new things and getting kids excited about learning new things are two activities Mrs. Youker is passionate about! 

This year Mrs. Youker is teaching Sixth Grade at TVA. She's taught several grades at several schools, ranging from Kindergarten to High School, and her flexibility is one of the things that makes her such an awesome teacher! 

Mrs. Youker came to TVA in 2015. She has 12 years of teaching experience, and she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in English and Spanish from Walla Walla University. She also has a 5th year degree from Pacific Union College in Angwin, California. 

This year Mrs. Youker is especially excited to help her class delve into science! Always willing to try new things and follow current research, she also brought in alternative seating options for her classroom to help students focus better and to enrich the learning environment. 

When asked why she became a teacher, she said: 

"I love kids and always knew I wanted to work with kids."

She's a born teacher, and her students benefit greatly from that dedication!

Fun Facts About Mrs. Youker: 

Proudest Accomplishment: Running a marathon
Snack of choice: Any baked good
Qualities I most admire about others: Being calm in times of stress
One thing I hope to achieve in my lifetime: Be less busy
In my free time I like to: Read, bake, run, garden
Farthest I've ever travelled: Europe
Sport I love: Running
This store has a lot of my money: Nike
Best move ever was: Gone With the Wind
Favorite color: Green or Red