High School Program

At Tualatin Valley Academy, we aim for excellence in education while striving to meet our Christian standards and beliefs through faith in Jesus Christ. In our daily teaching we integrate the Fruits of the Spirit into all our activities. We welcome all students who choose to affirm and live by these values. 

Students in our High School program receive a Christ-centered education that nurtures student individuality within a climate of academic excellence. Particular emphasis is placed on weaving science, technology and mathematics throughout the core curriculum and electives to support the school's ongoing goal of providing students with a high-quality education that will prepare them well for college and beyond. 

Our professionally designed curriculum meets the highest standards and is fully accredited, which means that all courses carry fully transferrable credit that is accepted at all other educational institutions. 

Why Choose TVA? Attention! Action! Adventure!

Tualatin Valley Academy puts extra effort forward to have a low student-teacher ratio. The advantages of this include more time to dialogue with students about content, more time to give feedback on performance, and more time to mentor in important skills that will translate into adaptability to whatever challenges may come. 

Having better access to teachers means more, however, than just better direct instructional time. It also means deeper relationships with instructors. TVA teachers are not only interested in student performance, but care about knowing students in a meaningful way. Chaos happens in life, and at TVA the teachers seek understanding and trust for the purpose of support and mentorship that will go beyond the years students spend on our campus. Students may move on, but the bonds built between them and their teachers should travel with them. 

Tualatin Valley Academy teachers believe in student empowerment. From yearbooks to music videos to science fairs and class projects, some of the best instruction time is when students push the bounds of what they can do for themselves. Teachers at TVA seek to create action-oriented learning communities where students can try things that they've never done before. Students come up with their own projects and take a strong lead in executing those projects. Students have a voice in trips, in fundraising, and in defining their own identity as a student body. 

A core part of the human experience has always been to go out and make new discoveries. Smaller class sizes mean the ability to go out into the world to learn and participate. At TVA we believe in hands-on learning, and research shows that students retain information better when they can see how the concepts they learn in the classroom play out in the real world. Rather than simply learn about government, we go see the places where government functions. Instead of just studying about sea creatures, students go interact with them in their natural habitat. Students will even get to construct their own local weekend trip, tailored around a team project that they will all create as a group. These forays come with a plethora of benefits - experience, relationships and memories.