Jennifer Wendt, First and Second Grade

Wendt, Jennifer.jpg

Mrs. Wendt loves seeing and experiencing new things every day. It's what led her to be a teacher. She loves children, and thinks watching the light come on in a child is one of the most exciting things to witness! 

As one of TVA's First and Second Grade teachers, Mrs. Wendt brings a wealth of knowledge and 23 years of experience to her classroom. She earned her Elementary Education degree from Walla Walla University and has endorsements in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. 

Since joining TVA's team in 2005 Mrs. Wendt has been working to broaden her students' horizons academically. This year she has brought several new STEM activities into the classroom, including boxes of STEM-oriented activities for free play and Wacky Science experiments every Tuesday. The Wacky Science curriculum is integrated with the rest of the curriculum in a project based learning format. It emphasizes other things students have been studying that week, such as the word of the week or a story that they have been studying.  

Mrs. Wendt's students know she has a passion for learning, and that inspires them to get excited about learning too!

Fun Facts About Mrs. Wendt:

Bucket list item: Travel to Antarctica
Who I most want to meet: Jesus
Snack of choice: Baked Cheetos
Qualities I most admire about others: Kindness, joy, honesty, friendliness
One thing I hope to achieve in my lifetime: Write a children's book
When I was a kid, I thought I would be this when I grew up: Nurse and Artist, then Teacher
If I could be any literary character, I would be: Anne of Green Gables. She's so real, sweet and willing to live life
In my free time I like to: Shop, watch TV, scrapbook, hang with friends and play games
Favorite places I've ever travelled: Switzerland, St. Thomas, Disneyland
Sport I love: Football - Go Seahawks!
My at bat song would be: Happy by Pharrell Williams
If calories didn't count I would eat: Chocolate cupcakes!
Best movies ever were: Sound of Music, American President
Favorite colors: Green and purple