Nichole Aldrich, Fourth Grade

Aldrich, Nichole.jpg

Mrs. Aldrich has loved being around kids her whole life. Given her love of kids, teaching has been a natural fit for her!

When asked what she loves most about her job now, Mrs. Aldrich replied that she loves to watch kids grow and learn, and she really enjoys hanging out and talking with them. 

Tualatin Valley Academy has been Mrs. Aldrich home for her entire career. She joined TVA's staff in 2004. With 12 years of experience, her B.A. in Elementary Education and a Masters in Literacy Instruction from Walla Walla University, she is a huge asset to the school. Her energetic teaching style encourages students to learn, and they have fun while they do it!

Fun Facts About Mrs. Aldrich:

Bucket List Item: Since I skydived this summer, my next one is to travel Europe!
Biggest Fear: Getting locked in a honey bucket
Proudest Accomplishment: Being the first person on both sides of my family to graduate from college
Snack of choice: Chips and guacamole
What inspires me: Organization
When I was a kid, I thought I would grow up to be an: OB nurse, but I really don't like blood
3 words to describe myself: Smiley, outgoing, dedicated
In my free time, I like to: Travel
Farthest I've ever travelled: India
Favorite place I've travelled: Australia
Sport I love: Gymnastics
This store has a lot of my money: Nike employee store
If calories didn't count I would eat: Pasta
Favorite color: Pink or volt yellow