Summer Tutoring and Tutoring Camps at TVA

Ms. Priddy is offering support classes this summer in the form of camps and private tutoring at TVA!  

Camps are a combination of math and language arts, and students will receive support based on their individual skill level.  Two assistants will be helping with the camps in order to give each student the most individual help possible.  The focus will be on strengthening core skills. Private tutoring is available to anyone.  

Feel free to sign up for camps or tutoring that will work around your summer vacation plans. The application can be found by clicking here.  Please contact Ms. Priddy directly if you need any special arrangements or times.

Reservations by email:,  or text:  503-799-0534.

Payment is cash or check made to Jerilyne Priddy. 

Private Tutoring with Ms. Priddy:  $25/hour

Private tutoring with Ms. Priddy's assistants by special arrangement.

Camps: $100 for 5 days of 2-hour sessions (10 hours). Camps need a minimum of 4 students to stay on the schedule.

**If camps don't fill up then other private tutoring options may open up.