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Kimberly Clifton, Fifth Grade
Phone: 503-649-5518

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Read about our Medieval Adventure here!

Our school's 2017-2018 theme was Courage for Christ. Watch our video here!

Fifth Grade Philosophy

Education is a gift that none can take away. - American Proverb

The 5th grade at TVA is taught using integrated, creative, hands-on and differentiated instruction. Mrs. Clifton loves to teach using a variety of strategies to accommodate all learners. One of the most exciting units of the year is on the Middle Ages where students learn their Medieval name, try their hand at calligraphy and students engage in a jousting tournament!

Tualatin Valley Academy is committed to providing a Christ-centered education that nurtures the individuality of the student within a climate of academic excellence.

Our 5th grade Bible curriculum focuses on the Fruit of the Spirit - Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. The practice of these virtues helps establish an environment where students feel encouraged to be their best both academically and socially. 


Tualatin Valley Academy's 5th grade provides a nurturing environment, a quality staff, an emphasis on mastery of basic skills and an enriched curriculum so that all students can use their unique gifts. It is a great place to learn!

Enrichment opportunities included in the curriculum: 

Technology - keyboarding, Power Point presentations, online research, etc.
Physical Education - A professional teacher gives instruction every day. A wide variety of extracurricular sports are offered.
Music - A gifted music teacher leads both choir and band for all 5th graders.
Art - Parent volunteers lead out in our ArtSmart program which provides art appreciation and hands-on experiences. Mrs. Clifton also does a variety of art projects throughout the year that emphasize the basic elements of art.