Dreams Can Come True!

10th Grade is Back!

A dream we have pursued over the last four years was achieved this year with the return of ninth grade to Tualatin Valley Academy.

Our ninth grade students are enjoying a great year of excellent classes and exciting activities! They are enrolled in a full slate of ninth grade classes taught by fully qualified teachers. The class size allows teachers to give them individual attention and to take learning out into the real world often for things like a Marine Biology trip, a service day at the food bank and much more. 

Next year the fulfillment of the dream continues with the addition of tenth grade, a plan that is approved and supported by TVA's school board. Curriculum will include Bible, Biology, Global Studies, Geometry, and Sophomore English, all taught by certified and experienced teachers in our fully accredited program. Students will continue to be taught using Project Based Learning, a method that helps them understand how curriculum taught in the classroom intersects with real-world problems, which has been a core strength of the 9th grade program this year. 

As we continue to build our secondary program, we will need to continue to build enrollment in our upper grades. We invite your participation and support as we market our school to students who desire an excellent Christian education in our area. Please help us by putting us in touch with any students you know that would benefit from our program.

Thank you for your prayers and support!