2.7.19 Thursday Note

Inclement Weather Information


In preparations for inclement weather during winter, we want to make you aware of TVA’s policy. We follow most late starts and closings for the Hillsboro School District, but we will announce on the local channel news, our school website, our school’s Facebook page, and send out a Flash Alert. In Case of a two-hour delay, school will begin at 10:00 am.

You can also go to our school website www.tualatinvalleyacademy.org to confirm any delays or school closures. Tune into your local television or radio news stations for information concerning school closures or late starts within the Hillsboro School District.

To sign up to get weather alerts for TVA, sign up at www.flashalert.net and follow the directions.

  1. Go to www.flashalert.net

  2. Click on View Local News

  3. Click on Portland/Vancouver/Salem

  4. Click on Private/Charter School

  5. Scroll down and click on Tualatin Valley Academy

  6. Follow the directions to sign up

The Hillsboro Pathfinders are Hosting a Valentine’s Day Banquet


The Hillsboro Pathfinders are hosting a Valentine’s Day banquet on Saturday, February 16, at 6 PM at the Forest Grove SDA Church. It will be a fun, romantic evening with dinner and games. Free childcare will be provided, but donations are greatly appreciated! Proceeds go to support the Pathfinder’s trip to Oshkosh this coming August. Couples/$30, Singles/$15. For tickets, contact Jacob or Sara Lyons at 503-689-7176 or crazypathfinderclub@gmail.com

No School Monday, February 18. Presidents Day


There is no school on Monday, February 18 in honor of Presidents Day.

It’s Time to Turn in Your Boxtops!

Remember note.png

It’s time to turn in your boxtops!  Each class can collect through February 18th which will be the final day to turn in.  Please don’t wait for the last day to turn in!  Each class that meets the mark of 400 boxtops will get an opportunity for a class prize, and the class with the highest amount will get a bigger prize.  In addition, any class that collects more than 1000 will be able to keep 20% of what they bring in for their classroom.  Grades 7 through 10 get to keep 50% of the money earned for what they collect! This can be a great fundraising opportunity for your class!  Thanks for supporting TVA through boxtops! 

The Art Smart Q3 Project is titled “Mexican Talvera-Inspired Plates”

Q3 Mexican Talavera-Inspired Plates ScheduleLandscape 2018-19 (1).jpg

This is a 2 Session project.

Session 1: Students will be making their air-dry clay plates.

Session 2: Students will paint the plates with acrylic colors. It’s a time consuming project so if you are available to volunteer for more grades, it will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support!

Parents/Grandparents who would like to volunteer, please text Rachna Patro  @ 503-887-3253 with your name, and class you would like to volunteer for. Volunteer hours count towards your service hours and you are welcome to join us for any or all the classes. :)

Thank you,

Rachna Patro (Art Smart Director)


Do I Need to Keep My Child Home From School?

Sick boy.jpg

Do I need to keep my child home from school? Here is a helpful link. 

Please Join Us at Noodles and Co. Thursday, March 7 from 4-8 P.M.


Mark your Calendars! Please Join us at Noodles and Co. on Thursday, March 7 from 4-8 pm . 7216 NE Cornell Rd. Hillsboro, Or. 97124. 25% of the proceeds go to the 8th grade class. Thanks for your support!

We have an over abundance of coats, jackets and other belongings in the Lost and Found.

Winter Coat.jpg

TVA families, please stop by the Lost and Found. We have a large amount of missing items. Thank you!

Help us Raise Funds for the 8th Grade Class!

recyling Cans.jpg

Greetings TVA families, I’m excited to announce the 8th Grade Class will be providing a recycling bin in the main lobby to collect any glass, plastic or cans to recycle with deposit. This fundraising event will occur all school year long. All we ask is that you leave your recycling in the bin. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Werner and the 8th Grade Class.

Ms. Somers is offering Childcare


Are you looking for a safe and fun place for your child to spend No School days, Spring Break and the Summer? Ms. Somers offers childcare for TVA kids ages 3 and up. Please call her at 503-329-6676. Thank you!

8th Grade Fundraiser!


Anytime throughout the school year if you go to Godfather’s Pizza across the street from our school they will donate 20% of your purchase to our 8th Grade Class. All you have to do is mention TVA. Thanks for your support!

School Parking Lot Safety.

School Crossing Sign.png

Our students’ and parents’ safety if a priority. Please remember the following details as you drive through the school

  • If you need to assist your child out of the car, please park your car first so as to lessen the traffic jam. Drop off should not take more than 30 seconds.

  • Do not block off the intersection between the Junior High/High School building and the elementary building. Please leave room for cars to drive into the elementary parking lot.

  • Drive slowly. There are parents and kids walking through the parking lot. Speed limit is 5 MPH.

  • Continually remind your child to look both ways when walking in the parking lot and to not run after getting out of your car.

  • Refrain from checking your phone while driving through the parking lot or while waiting for the cars to move forward.

  • Thank you for helping us keep our parking lot safe!

Mrs. Wendt’s STEMS Classroom Fundraiser

Sees Candy Picture.png

Mrs. Wendt’s classroom STEMS fundraiser starts on Friday, October 26. See’s Lollypops will be sold for a dollar each and the See’s Chocolate candy bars for two dollars each. We have Vanilla, Chocolate, Cafe Latte and Butterscotch Lollypops. Stop by the front office to purchase your See’s Candies and help support Mrs. Wendt’s classroom STEMS fundraiser!

Volunteer Opportunities


We need volunteers for the following events/tasks:

  • Organize school supplies that were donated to TVA by Walmart - one time project, contact the front office or Mrs. Orozco-Acosta at princial@tvja.org

  • Shredding papers for the front office - on going all year

  • The refrigerator in the Elementary building needs to be cleaned out once a month.

Watch this space for additional opportunities for volunteering.


Background Checks

Parents with students in K - 10th grade, just a reminder that in order for you to be able to participate in any school field trips, coaching, and/or volunteer in your child’s classroom, you need to turn in the Oregon Conference Volunteer Information Form ASAP. 

If you have a child in our preschool program, you need to complete the CBR form and mail it to the address on the form. When you receive your approval, please bring a copy to the office. This form is used to run a background check on adults that want to help out at school/go on field trips.

If you need a form, please stop by and pick up a form or call the office and we will be happy to mail you a form.


Prearranged Absence Form

During the school year, if you are planning on going on vacation and your child will be absent from school for more than 1 day, please maker sure you complete a prearranged absence form 1 week before the event. This will give their teacher time to prepare the work your child will be missing during his/her absence.

If you need a form, you can pick one up at the front office or we will be happy to e-mail it to you.

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