4.27.17 Thursday note

8th Annual Walk-a-Thon

We are excited to announce that TVA will be having our 8th Annual Walk-a-thon tomorrow Friday, April 28th!

Each year Home and School uses funds raised at this event to benefit the school. Past projects have included re-paving the parking lot and upgrading the elementary school computer lab. This year we are raising funds to renovate the Spynergy Room in the upper grade building. It will be a classroom space that lends itself to TED talk-style presentation for students at TVA and it will double as a banquet space.

Pledge sheets were sent home on Friday, April 14th. Additional copies are available from the front office.

We also need volunteers!! Below is the list of jobs that we need help with.

Field Set-Up - We need a handful of people who can set up the field on the day of the event. (set-up canopies & cones 7:30am-8:30am)

Race Bib Markers - Each classroom needs racing bib markers, the marker marks laps as the students' walk/job by. (8:45-12:30pm)

Water Squirters - Just like it says, squirt the kids to keep 'em cool!. Please bring squirt bottles. This in only weather permitting.

Race Bib Tab Collectors - We need people that can help collect the bottom portion of the racing bibl after each classroom has completed their time on the track. This will take place under the covered area. Once all he tabs have been collected they are given to the pledge sheet coordinators.

Copy Pledge Sheets - First thing Friday morning, we need people to help collect the pledge sheets from each classroom. After they have collected all the pledge sheets they need to be photocopied and placed in the provided binder according to grade. The original pledge sheets need to stay in a separate pile according to grade.

Pledge Sheet Coordinators - The bottom portion of the racing bib has the number of laps completed that will be transferred to the photocopied pledge sheets. Once that has happen the tab can be stapled to the original pledge sheet and returned to the teachers.

Refreshments - Hand out orange slices to each student under the covered area after their track time is done.

Water Stations - There will be water station located on both sides of the track. We need volunteers to fill cups for the students. The volunteer will also need to monitor and refill the water dispensers as needed.

Collecting Funds - During the week of May 1-5 from 8:15am-9am we need a couple of volunteers to collect the funds in the main lobby.

Feel free to contact Angie Peterson by email at scrapbookinggangel@gmail.com or by phone/text at 503-523-8815.

Mr. Tillotson's Retirement Party

Please Join Us on Saturday, May 20th at 3:00 pm in the school's cafeteria to wish Mr. Tillotson well as he retires.

Light refreshments will be served.

If you would like to donate money towards a retirement gift, please drop it off at the front office by Monday, May 15th.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Spring Music Program - A Note from Mrs. Boyer

Our Spring Music Concert will be held on Wednesday, May 17th at 6pm. The theme of the concert is, "Celebrating Diversity: Music from this world and beyond"... the beyond being the Star Wars theme for band.

As a part of this program, I desire to bring to light the many countries that are represented in the student population. I would like to enlist the parents' help in this.

1. I would like to have students dress in CLOTHING that represents your family's country of origin. So, what this means is if you have traditional clothing representing your ethnicity, OR if your families ethnicity is mixed with several countries you can pick a country to represent...preferably the one that is the origin of your surname (last name), OR if you are unaware of your ethnic origin feel free to represent the STATE in the US where the student was born. This clothing can include traditional festive clothing, or a soccer jersey or sports jersey, or the student can wear clothing that shows the colors of the country or state flag you are representing.

2. My next idea is for the finale of the program. My daughter, Leigha, spent 5 months in India with Youth With a Mission doing Discipleship Training School. Her group consisted of students from India, South Africa, Australia and the United States. The students fro India were from several different states in India, and while Hindi was the shared language, each Indian state had their own local language. One evening for Worship, they all sang the song, "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever." When they got to the repeated line, they sang it one at a tie in their own dialect. Leigha was very moved. So much so that she suggested we do this very thing for this concert. SO as much as it is possible, can you teach your sons and daughters this line I COULD SING OF YOUR LOVE FOREVER, in your native dialect? If you would like to hear this song, here is the YouTube Link that you can go to and hear it. https///www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNVmpLQhK7Q

3. Lastly, if any of you have native dances or musical instruments and would be willing to share either a demonstration or short performance, I would really like to have as much culture represented as possible.

Please contact me via email Twlvstrings@aol.com or by phone 303-881-2458 and let me know if you're available to share your talents, or if you have any questions regarding any of the things mentioned in this letter. It's my honor and great privilege to teach your students! I look forward to exploring and celebrating the diversity represented by Tualatin Valley Academy!

Blessings and Peace - Mrs. Boyer

Lost and Found

If your child is running out of things to wear at home, it is probably because their clothes have a new home in our lost and found. Please take a minute to stop by and see if you recognize any of your child's clothes. If they are not claimed by the end of the school year, they will be donated to a local chartiy.

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