James Chamberlain, Athletics

Chamberlain, James.jpg

Mr. Chamberlain joined Tualatin Valley Academy's staff in 1997 and has been leading TVA's athletics program ever since! He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Walla Walla University. 

Mr. Chamberlain figured out early that he enjoyed working with young people and wanted to use his talents to teach them about Jesus Christ. He especially enjoys watching the amazing transition the Kindergarteners make in that first year of school, growing their independence and skills. 

This year Mr. Chamberlain is most excited about developing life-long activities, like golf, with all of his classes. We are glad for his leadership and guidance of our students as they grow into young adults!

Fun Facts About Mr. Chamberlain: 

Bucket list item: Watch a baseball game in every MLB stadium
Who I most want to meet: Jesus Christ
Proudest accomplishment: My kids
Snack of choice: KIND bar
What inspires me: Creating
Least favorite household chore: Folding laundry
One thing I hope to achieve in my lifetime: I want to be in charge of building a new school!
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a: NFL Quarterback
3 words to describe myself: El guapo grande
If I could be any literary character, it would be: Odysseus. He was a world traveler, renowned for running and resourcefulness.
In my free time I like to: Work on my house
Sport I love: Golf
This store has a lot of my money: Rockler woodworking, Home Depot
My at bat song would be: Jesus Freak (DC Talk)
If calories didn't count I would drink: Juice. All day, every day.
Favorite color: Blue