Denise Loncar, Art

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Mrs. Loncar is passionate about art. What she loves even more is that she gets to share the thing she is most passionate about with students and see the spark ignite in them! She loves to see students develop abilities that they had no idea they possessed. 

Art is something Mrs. Loncar has a lot of experience with. She has a BA in Art History. In 2013 she joined the TVA team as the art teacher, and prior to that she was the Art Smart leader at TVA for over 10 years. 

Mrs. Loncar introduces her students to many different art mediums and topics, which change from year to year. This year she is excited to have her students focus on the human form using a variety of mediums. Her excitement transfers to her students, and they have a lot of fun learning about different kinds of art while surprising themselves with what they can do!

Fun Facts About Mrs. Loncar:

Bucket list item: Skydiving
Biggest fear: Running out of coffee
Who I most want to meet: Artemisia Gentileschi
Proudest accomplishment: Finishing my BA at 47 years of age
Snack of choice: Fruit, nuts, chocolate
Qualities I most admire about others: Persistency, humility, kindness
What inspires me: Stories of overcoming hardship
One thing I hope to achieve in my lifetime: Travel to every continent
3 words to describe myself: Chatty, happy, hopeful
In my free time I like to: Do yoga, draw, paint, cook, travel, read, walk, watch foreign films, go to museums
Sport I love: Yoga
My at bat song would be: Bamboleo (Gypsy Kings)
Favorite color: I'm an art teacher...all of them!