Danielle Kriegelstein, Treasurer

Kriegelstein, Danielle.jpg

Mrs. Kriegelstein has been with Tualatin Valley Academy since 2011. As school treasurer, she handles all the billing and financial information for the school. 

Mrs. Kriegelstein has experience as both an accountant and senior accountant with companies prior to coming to TVA. She has a Bachelors of Science from Walla Walla University and has been a Certified Public Accountant. 

Besides taking care of TVA's finances, Mrs. Kriegelstein is a mom to two TVA students. She loves that she can work at her kids' school, and her perspective as a parent is very valuable to the work she does. We are glad she's part of TVA's family!

Fun Facts About Mrs. Kriegelstein: 

Snack of choice: Popcorn with butter
In my free time I like to: Read, travel with family
Favorite place I've ever travelled: Australia
Sport I love: Snow skiing
This store has a lot of my money: Tualatin Valley Academy
If calories didn't count I would eat: Chocolate and chips
Favorite color: Red