Corinna Hess, Library and Media

Mrs. Hess loves kids. She loves them so much that she's worked with them for 50 years! Her favorite part? 

"I LOVE reading books to children. That's my favorite part of working in the library."

Mrs. Hess has been with Tualatin Valley Academy since 1995. She also has a degree in Early Education and worked at various preschools from 1975-1995. She has always worked with children and very much enjoys it. Her students enjoy learning from her as much as she loves spending time with them!

Fun Facts About Mrs. Hess: 

Bucket list item: Paint a picture
Snack of choice: My sugar cookies
Qualities I most admire about others: Artistic talents, Courage to step outside their boxes
What inspires me: Kindness and empathy
When I was a kid, I thought I would be a: Teacher
2 words to describe myself: Generous, insightful
If I could be any literary character, I would be: Elizabeth Bennett
In my free time, I like to: Read, crochet, bake, birdwatch
If calories didn't count I would eat: Mashed potatoes and gravy or strawberries
Favorite color: Pink