The students at Tualatin Valley Academy have been published numerous times. See below for many of their articles.

Tests and Materials

Scientific Method Flow Chart
Scientific Method Handout
Scientific Method Test

Published Student Scientific Reports

Are You More Likely to See a Spotted Towhee if the Cloud Cover is Above 50%? by Zoë
BirdSleuth Investigator Volume 1, Winter 2012

Do Birds Prefer Warm or Cold Weather? by Sarah
Classroom Birdscope Volume 8, Spring 2004 

Do Birds Prefer Warm or Cold Weather? by Emily
Classroom Birdscope Volume 12, Fall 2008

Do Dark-eyed Juncos Like Rain? by Soo Bin
Classroom Birdscope Volume 10, Spring 2006 
BirdSleuth Reports Volume 1, Spring 2007 (Includes helpful notes from the editor about writing science reports)

Do Dark-eyed Juncos Show Up More in the Morning or in the Afternoon? by Casey
Classroom Birdscope Volume 9, Spring 2005 

Do Dark-eyed Juncos Visit in the Morning or Afternoon? by Edma
Classroom Birdscope Volume 7, Spring 2003

Does Precipitation Affect How Many Dark-Eyed Juncos We See? by Jonathan
Classroom BirdScope Volume 15, Fall 2011

Does Time of Morning Affect the Bushtit Population? by Erich
Classroom Birdscope Volume 8, Spring 2004 

Does Temperature Affect Black-capped Chickadee Visits to Feeders? by Michael
Classroom Birdscope Volume 10, Spring 2006

Have Dark-eyed Junco Visits Decreased and House Sparrow Visits Increased at Feeders?  by Kristina
Classroom Birdscope Volume 6, Spring 2002 

How Does the Temperature Affect the Number of Song Sparrows We See?  by Fiona
BirdSleuth Investigator Volume 3, Fall 2014

Is House Sparrow Activity Influenced by Temperature? by Leslie
BirdSleuth Reports Volume 2, Fall 2008 (high res)

Song Sparrows and Their Calls by Alexa
BirdSleuth Investigator Volume 5, Fall 2016

The Effect of Barometric Pressure on Birds by Logan
Classroom Birdscope Volume 4, Spring 2000 

The Effect of Light on Birds by Andrew
Classroom Birdscope Volume 5, Spring 2001

The Effect of Temperature on Bushtits by Lena
Classroom Birdscope Volume 10, Spring 2006

The Effect of Temperature on Chickadees by Annalisa
Classroom Birdscope Volume 7, Spring 2003

The Effect of Urban Development on House Sparrow Populations by Nick
Classroom Birdscope Volume 11, Spring 2007

Weather and Bird Sightings by Zach
BirdSleuth Reports Volume 3, Spring 2009

What Affects the Number of Sparrows Seen at the Downy Creek Bird Blind Over Time? by Melinda
Classroom Birdscope Volume 13, Fall 2009

Jennifer Fee, BirdSleuth Project Leader at Cornell Lab of Ornithology (left) visits the TVA Bird Blind at Downy Creek with Mr. Kahler (right)  November 2008.

BirdSleuth Report Historical Data

Students, if you need historical data for your BirdSleuth Report you may click on the following files.  These are MS Excel files and include data combined from all of my science classes for each day.

Population Totals
House Sparrows vs. Juncos

Students, you may also find the following page on the eBird site helpful for accessing data totals from your class and other classes at TVA: BirdSleuth Data Retrieval