To Be . . .

One of our major goals here at Tualatin Valley Academy is for our students to experience a positive, accepting and supportive school climate. To accomplish this we actively work to help our students develop skills to treat their teachers and classmates in a caring and loving way. We believe our children need "whole person" development and, beyond academics, they also need character development. We believe this goal helps us accomplish our mission, which is to provide "a Christ-centered education that nurtures student individuality within a climate of academic excellence."

This school year we have focused on four areas of behavior that we want our students to develop in their everyday activities and relationships. They are: 

Be Kind
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

We have emphasized these behaviors in our classrooms, in our chapel programs, and on our playgrounds. With 200 students playing, studying and interacting there are bound to be times when incidents and friction arise, but there have been few serious incidents this year. Our school year has gone well and we have experienced a positive and happy atmosphere.

Our plan is to continue to make these four behaviors the focus of building and improving positive relationships among our students and staff. I would invite you to help us in this character building effort for our school community. If we can help our students to make good decisions about what is kind, respectful, responsible and safe, they will grow in their ability to be successful and build a quality character.