Featured Class: 6th Grade Outdoor School

Every year Tualatin Valley Academy's 6th grade class, led by Mrs. Springer, has a four day adventure at Big Lake Youth Camp. TVA focuses a lot on experiential education, and Outdoor School is full of both experiences and education! 

This year's Outdoor School took place from Monday, October 10 to Thursday, October 13. Students at Outdoor School stay in cabins with counselors and participate in classes that teach about the incredible world God has created while students experience it firsthand. Studies surround four main topics: water, trees, Earth and animals. 

Learning isn't all done in a standard class format. On one afternoon students learn about the predator and prey cycle by playing Life and Death in the forest, a game they talk about for the rest of the school year! 

Social interaction with students from other schools is an important part of Big Lake's Outdoor School curriculum. Students play nighttime Capture the Flag, go on a night hike, and study the stars together. 

Outdoor School is not just educational. It is an experience that the students will never forget. The things they learn, the friendships they make and the bonds they strengthen within their own class are truly unforgettable.