Quarter 3!

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It’s hard to believe the school year is almost half over! We’ve enjoyed our time with your student this year. It is our joy to watch them grow as readers.

Overdue fines began this quarter (Q2) and notices will be sent home the week of 1/23/18. Notices for elementary students will come home in homework or weekly folders. Junior high students will receive notices via USPS. Payment is due upon receipt. Please put the amount due in an envelope with your students name on it and turn it into the office. Any fines not paid will appear on your final statement with a $3 service fee.

Lost library materials happen. If your student has misplaced an item at home and you are still looking for it, please drop us an email so that we can renew the material and you can avoid overdue charges until the material is found. If the material is truly lost, please let us know as soon as possible so we can flag the material in our system. Fines for lost materials aren’t charged until the last statement of the school year. Lost material tends to turn up by the end of the school year so keep looking. There are two options for lost materials. You may pay the replacement fee as noted or you may purchase a replacement copy of the material on your own and turn it in to the office.

As always feel free to direct questions to me at library@tvja.org or drop in for a chat!

Mrs. Coggin