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Steve Moor, Language Arts
Phone: 503-649-5518

About Mr. Steve

Steve Moor graduated with his bachelor's degree in Religion in 2005 along with a minor in Sociology. He spent 2 years abroad teaching in Thailand, and then returned to school for another bachelor's degree in English. He received his Master's Degree in Teaching in 2010 and has been teaching at Tualatin Valley Academy ever since. He loves exploring new ideas and new skills with his students. His hobbies include song-writing, guitar, sailing, film making, film scoring, building computers and keeping up on current affairs. He loves mentoring youth and his 8th grade music videos can be found on the Tualatin Valley Academy YouTube channel. 

Language Arts Philosophy

Coming Fall 2019!


Language Arts I (9)

The goals of this course are for students to learn to understand what stories tell us, make their own theories of the messages of writing using direct quotes or references from stories, poems, lyrics, articles or essays, as well as from acting or film. The instructor seeks to mentor students to be able to write and revise their own poems, essays, thesis papers and narratives. Students read authors like Shakespeare, Dickens and Steinbeck. Students will learn how and why professionals cite sources, and then learn how to cite sources in their papers as well. 

Language Arts II (10)

The goals of this course are for students to learn what rhetorical devices are, construct formal arguments, interpret complex textural material and identify cultural biases in literature. Students will learn to compare two works from different authors and write a comparison/contrast paper using textural support from two authors to support a thesis or argument about the significance of the comparison. Students will read works by Shakespeare, Barrie, Goulding as well as classics like Beowulf and the Iliad.