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Jacqueline Shawler, 8th Grade Homeroom

Phone: 503-649-5518

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James Chamberlain, 8th Grade Homeroom

Phone: 503-649-5518 x401


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Class Philosophy

Everything is an idea.  We run into ideas everywhere and every day, and some of the time we don't even realize that we've been convinced of a new belief.  Books, songs, movies, TV shows, conversations, advertisements, and religions all present us with ideas.  People deal with these ideas in different ways.  Sometimes they block those ideas out, and sometimes they passively absorb the ideas without submitting them to skepticism.  My ultimate goal for the 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies classes is to take in ideas of all kinds, and rather than passively absorbing those ideas, to critically take those ideas and pick them apart.  I believe that if people are skeptical about all the ideas they encounter, they will be less likely to be cynical about good ideas.

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