Phil Kahler, Religion
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About Mr. Kahler

Phil Kahler began teaching at Tualatin Valley Academy in 1993. His passion for sharing the natural world with students motivated him to construct a bird feeding station on campus and to lead our annual marine biology trip. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Environmental Education and Interpretive Services Administration and holds professional teacher certifications with Washington State and the North American Division. He is an alumnus of the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute. Working with Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Phil has showcased our students' bird studies at national teacher conventions. As a recipient of the Don Keele Excellence in Education Award he participated in the Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest, where he returned the following summer as a faculty member. Phil enjoys bird watching, backyard beekeeping and photography.

News and Announcements

Open House is March 17 from 6-8 PM. See you there!

Religion Class Philosophy

7th and 8th Grade Religion is about helping students understand who God is and his plan to save us. Students are encouraged to make their faith personal and to understand why they believe what they believe.


Year 1: Becoming Like Him: God's Reflection

Becoming Like Him: God's Reflection is a comprehensive study of basic Christianity emphasizing Christian growth. It also takes the students through Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and practical life applications that draw the students to become like Jesus. This curriculum directs students on the pathway to a relationship with God, and students will be guided to explore ways in which this relationship influences a person's life. Throughout the lessons the students are given opportunity to get to know and understand God. They will understand how important they are to Him and begin to reflect His love to those around them. 

Year 2: Truth Unveiled: God's Triumph

Truth Unveiled: Gods Triumph is a comprehensive study of controversy between Christ and Satan. The essence of this study is God's love for human beings and His triumph over sin for eternity. Throughout the lessons students are given opportunity to reflect and relate the timeless truths and principles to their own lives. They will recognize the methods God has used to reveal Himself and the plan of salvation to humanity. This study invites students to live a life fully dedicated to God.


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