9.21.17 Thursday Note


ITBS Testing

Once again it is time for the annual ITBS testing for 3rd to 10th grade. Testing will happen Monday, September 18 to Friday, September 29th. Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast during these days.


Magazine Sale

Don’t forget all magazine orders are due tomorrow Friday, September 22nd. Prizes will be passed out on Wednesday, September 27th in the school lobby in the morning.

Thank you for supporting our Home and School.


Sees Lollipops 

Starting tomorrow, September 22, the office will have See's lollipops for sale. Each one is $1.00. The current flavors will be chocolate and butterscotch, but we will be adding vanilla and coffee in

All money from these sales go to support Mrs. Wendt's wacky science program with Susie Scientist.


Payment Information

TVA does not accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment. We only accept
checks and money orders for payments over $25.00. We accept cash for payments of $25
or less only.

Thank you!


Library Corner

Thank you for your support of our Book Fair this year! We were able to purchase several new items for the Library and classrooms. We appreciate you!

Now for some beginning of the year housekeeping...

The best way to communicate with the library is through email as we cannot always get to our phone during class times. Please add library@tvja.org to your email address book.

Library classes have started. Material checkout time is 2 weeks. Due dates are stamped on the due date slips attached to all library materials.

Late fines will not accrue during 1st quarter. Starting 2nd quarter, late fines are charged at .10 per day after the 3 day grace period. We do our best to watch student accounts and remind them to return their materials. Families are notified of fines at the end of the 2nd and 3rd quarters and at the end of May/early June. Fines are payable upon notification. Should your student accrue fines, please put the fine amount in an envelope with your student’s name on it and turn it in to the office. Fines not paid by the end of the school year will be added to the final bill and assessed an additional $3 charge.

Our library catalog can be searched from your computer at home. Searches can be done by title, author and key words. Please bookmark https://tvalibrary.goalexandria.com.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program that TVA uses to promote reading improvement. Books from the TVA library have the AR information on the cover of the book. When using books from another library or home, it is easy to find the AR level using the website www.arbookfind.com. Families can search to find test numbers, what reading level a book is and how many points a book is worth. Additional information such as plot summary, topics/subtopics and series information can be found by clicking on the title.

We look forward to a great year. Happy Reading!


Holiday Bazaar

Hello Vendors!!!

It’s time to start thinking about the 2017 Holiday season. We are starting the application process
for the 10th annual Tualatin Valley Academy Holiday Bazaar.

Our date this year is Sunday, November 12, 2016!

The money raised this year will be used by the Home and School organization to help fund needed supplies/equipment for the 8th grade class.

Please note, the application deadline is September 30th. It is first come first serve basis, so please get your applications in soon. If you know of any vendors that may be interested please send that info on to me as well. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you,

TVA Holiday Bazaar Team


Important Message From Mr. Chamberlain

Please make sure your child wears PE shoes (tennis shoes) to PE. Its is very important for them to wear the appropriate shoes for participation and safety. In PE we do a lot of running, jumping, and are always on the move. We want to keep your kids safe and avoid any accidents.

Also, if your daughter wants to wear a dress/skirt to school, make sure they wear shorts under their dress/skirt for PE.

Thank you,

James Chamberlain
Athletic Director


Prearranged Absence Form

During the school, if your are planning on going on vacation and your child will be absent from school more than 1 day,

please make sure you complete a prearranged absence form 1 week before the event. This will give teacher time to prepare the work your child will be missing during his/her absence.

If you need a form, you can pick one up at the front office or we will be happy to e-mail it to you.


If Your Child is Sick...

The Public Health Department informs TVA of conditions for which children are to be excluded from school until either recovered or diagnosed and cleared for inclusion by a physician. Unless otherwise indicated, students are excluded from attendance until they have been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

The conditions for exclusion are:
Chicken pox – excluded until at least six days after first vesicles appear or a doctor’s order, or all vesicles are dry (which ever occurs last).
Common cold – excessive coughing and nasal discharge.
Fever of 100 degrees or greater.
Fifth’s Disease – excluded with fever.
Flu - excluded with acute symptoms, fever chills.
Head lice – excluded until free of nits.
Impetigo – excluded until 48 hours of antibiotic therapy, and as long as sores drain.
Measles – return with doctor/health dept. permission. 
Meningitis – return with doctor/health dept. permission.
Mumps – excluded until swelling disappears.
New onset of rash with concurrent or preceding fever.
Pink eye – excluded until eyes are clear with no discharge.
Ringworm – excluded until therapy is initiated.
Rubella – return with doctor/health dept. permission.
Scabies – excluded until treated.
Stiff neck or headache with fever
Strep throat – excluded until 48 hours after antibiotic therapy is started.

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