9.22.16 Thursday Note

After School Activities

TVA is offering several after school activities happening now! Be sure you check them out. Click on the links below for registration information.

Homework Club
Computer Programming Using Scratch
Python For Beginners
Chess Wizards
Bricks 4 Kidz

Magazine Sale

Magazine orders are due on Friday, September 23rd! Prizes will be passed out on Wednesday, September 28th in the school lobby in the morning. Thank you for supporting our Home and School!

ITBS Testing

It's that time of year again! On Monday, September 26th, 3rd to 9th grade will be starting their ITBS testing. To help your child do their best, please make sure they get a good night's sleep and a good breakfast before their testing begins! Testing ends on October 7th. 

Does Your Child Walk or Bike to School?

If you would like for your child to walk/bike to and from school, make sure you complete a permission slip at the front office. Parents need to complete one every school year.

After School Procedure

Any student in any grade not picked up on time after school will be taken to the before and after school care (BASE). This includes middle school and high school students.

Students in the below grades should be picked up by: 

Monday to Thursday

Full day Preschool and Kindergarten by 3:05 PM
1st and 2nd grade by 3:15 PM
3rd through 9th grade by 3:30 PM


Full day Preschool and Kindergarten by 2:05 PM
1st and 2nd grade by 2:15 PM
3rd through 9th grade by 2:30 PM

Also, any child not picked up after their practice or game will be taken to BASE (between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM). If your child's game does not start until an hour after school is out, then they will be taken to BASE until their game starts. 

Thank you for helping us keep our students safe!

TVA T-Shirts For Sale

TVA t-shirts and mugs are for sale now in the school office! Show your Eagles pride with one of our t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and/or coffee mugs. Cost is $6.00 each. We have youth small, medium, and large. We also, have adult small, medium, large and extra large.

Remember, Spirit Day is every Thursday so make sure you wear your TVA shirt on Thursdays! 


Want to learn more about TVA's library? Take a look at our blog for the latest library news and updates! 

Dress Code

We have had some questions about TVA's dress code, and wanted to include the information here. You can find the dress code in the student handbook as well. 

The dress and grooming of TVA students should reflect principles that demonstrate our Christian school community therefore:

Clothing should be clean, neat, modest, functional, and appropriate for each school-sponsored activity.
Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Do not wear over-sized boots, high heeled shoes, or sandals without heel straps. 
No hats/caps or hoods may be worn in the classroom. 
Dresses and skirts should be no shorter than the top of the knee when standing. 
Shorts may be worn if they are mid-thigh length or longer. 
Shirts and tops should be long enough to keep the midriff covered at all times. 
Athletic or bed time attire is not appropriate for classroom wear. 
PE uniforms are only to be worn during PE class or at after school sports practice. PE uniforms or tight, form-fitting clothing are not considered appropriate classroom attire. 
Tank tops and spaghetti straps are not appropriate school attire. Sleeveless tops with fitted armholes are ok. 
Low cut or revealing necklines are not appropriate school attire. 
Clothing with rips or holes will not be worn to school. 
Only one piece modestly-cut bathing suits are acceptable.
Jewelry may not be worn to school or at school sponsored activities. 
Accessories, hairstyles, clothing or color combinations that are associated with gangs, hate groups or other inappropriate groups are not allowed. 

If Your Child is Sick

The Public Health Department informs TVA of conditions for which children are to be excluded from school until either recovered or diagnosed and cleared for inclusion by a physician. Unless otherwise indicated, students are excluded from attendance until they have been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

The conditions for exclusion are:  
Chicken pox – excluded until at least six days after first vesicles appear or a doctor’s order, or all vesicles are dry (which ever occurs last). 
Common cold – excessive coughing and nasal discharge. 
Fever of 100 degrees or greater. 
Fifth’s Disease – excluded with fever. 
Flu - excluded with acute symptoms, fever chills. 
Head lice – excluded until free of nits. 
Impetigo – excluded until 48 hours of antibiotic therapy, and as long as sores drain. 
Measles – return with doctor/health dept. permission. 
Meningitis – return with doctor/health dept. permission. 
Mumps – excluded until swelling disappears. 
New onset of rash with concurrent or preceding fever. 
Pink eye – excluded until eyes are clear with no discharge. 
Ringworm – excluded until therapy is initiated. 
Rubella – return with doctor/health dept. permission. 
Scabies – excluded until treated. 
Stiff neck or headache with fever 
Strep throat – excluded until 48 hours after antibiotic therapy is started. 

Oregon Battle of the Books Coaches Needed!

Would you like to coach an Oregon Battle of the Books team this year? 

Coaches facilitate the reading and discussion of books from the official O.B.O.B. list. Teams typically meet twice a month to plan strategy and discuss books. Meetings can be held before, during, or after school depending upon the needs of the team.

Students do not need to read every book on the list to participate. Part of the strategy of the battle is deciding which team members will read which books! O.B.O.B. Coaches can expect to spend about 5 hours a month reading and working with their team.

Please email library@tvja.org with questions. You can keep up with us on the Library page too!

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