2007-2008 Textured Bird Art Gallery

2008-2009 Textured Bird Art Gallery

Textured Birds: Art Meets Science
A Cornell Lab of Ornithology commissioned art project.

Artwork produced by Tualatin Valley Academy art students, directed by Toni Kahler.  
In cooperation with Jennifer Fee, BirdSleuth Project Leader.

This amazing collection of student artwork was displayed at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Gallery in Ithaca, NY in the fall of 2009.  Student paintings were sold during the exhibit.

Each bird featured represented species under study by Cornell Lab of Ornithology scientists at that time.  That combination added deeper dimension to the show by encouraging viewers not only to enjoy the rich visual experience, but to become informed about species conservation.


Textured Bird Quilt:

Art students practiced techniques used to create their full sized textured bird paintings on small tiles.  These colorful tiles were later assembled to create the textured bird quilt pictured below.  If you look closely you will notice the tiles represent bird parts from the same species depicted in the full size paintings

Process Photos:

Acrylic Gel was built up on the canvas over the sketch to create a three dimensional effect and to enhance texture.  After the gel dried paint was added

Student Bird Drawings

Student Bird Photography