Helio Ferreira, Piano and Voice Teacher
Phone: 971-732-9779
E-mail: heliosferreira@msn.com 


Download the 2016-2017 piano or voice lessons application here!

Piano recital: Sunday, December 11th at 4:00 PM in TVA's gym. See you there!

Piano and Voice Lessons 

Private lessons in piano and vocal performance are offered in 30 or 45 minute increments. 45 minute lessons are encouraged for an older, more advanced or highly motivated student. Tuition is based on the complete school year (approximately 33 lessons), with consideration included for no-school days and missed days. Each student has one lesson per week. Contact Mr. Ferreira for current lesson availability.

Prorated tuition is available for students starting midway through the school year.

Materials Fee: $55.00 / school year
30-minute Lessons: $810.00 / school year
45-minute Lessons: $1,035.00 school year