Communication is Key!


Each day at school has been a blessing. I am quickly learning new names and getting to know more students.

I see many amazing things happening at school every day. communication is an important focus for this year. I encourage you to ask questions if you would like clarification about anything.

We apologize for our issues with the voicemail this week. If you tried to contact us and have not yet heard back, please let us know. Our voicemail is now working.

I ask that you continue to pray for our school every day that He may guide us in our daily work.

God Bless,

Christina Orozco-Acosta

Communication and Community

As Tualatin Valley Academy continues to grow, we are committed to enhancing our profile in the community. This year we have chosen as our administrative theme "Communication and Community." Our goal is to communicate clearly to our community about our school including our mission, our curriculum, our quality and our Christian environment.

Our initial school community planning workshop will be held on September 18, 2016 here at TVA from 9AM to 4PM. The title of our workshop is "Marketing as Ministry" and is open to all persons in our community that are willing to work or support the school. 

Some of the topics to be covered are Christian Education Matters, Working Together For Changed Lives, Understanding Our Environment, The Matters of Marketing, and Outcomes Matter. The presenter for this workshop is Teresa Kelchner of Christian Education Matters, LLC. She is an experienced marketing consultant and currently serves over 130 Christian schools. 

We invite parents and friends of TVA to this workshop so that together we can build our school's reputation and program into the future. If you are able to come, please contact me ( so that we can provide materials and lunch for you. If you know someone who is a supporter of TVA but not a current parent, please pass this information along to them as well. Some of our past parents and alumni are still strong supporters of our school and we would welcome their input as well.

Thank you, 

Ed Tillotson
Principal, Tualatin Valley Academy