Week at a Glance 9.26.16

Our Week, 9/19-9/23

Monday our preschoolers read "Trashy Town" and followed garbage man Mr. Gilly around town as he picked up garbage and filled his truck.  We then made our own garbage trucks and had a class discussion about which items we can recycle and which go in the trash can.  We sorted pictures into recyclables: metal, paper, glass and plastic; and those items we can't recycle.  In math, we studied the number 2 and practiced our sorting skills.

On Tuesday we had a special treat!  A student's dad visited our class and brought in all the materials we needed to make working plumbing!  We cut pipe, glued on fittings, and using two buckets, were able to pour water into a funnel and watch it come out the other end!  We all had a blast getting wet and watching gravity work as we enjoyed this hands-on plumbing experience!  THANK YOU for making today special!

On Tuesday afternoon, the kids took unconventional materials (uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows) and engineered their ideas using these two things (we MAY have tasted a few, just to make sure they were quality building materials!).  We had a great time using trial and error to find out what techniques worked best.

On Wednesday we took a short trip down the hall to the kitchen and tried out hand at cooking!  We melted butter and marshmallows, then mixed in rice krispy cereal and made rice krispy treats!  They were delicious!!  Wednesday afternoon our 3rd grade reading buddies came in and read with us.  This reading buddy program is new this year, and we are loving it!!

Thursday we discussed eating out at a restaurant and what waiters and waitresses do.  We put out a table, place mats, aprons, tablets, a stove and play food and dishes and ran our very own restaurant!

On Friday, we tried out "painting" without paint!  The kids used yarn to "paint" on the sticky back of contact paper.  They had a great time and made some really beautiful artwork.  

We had a great week and it's hard to believe we are almost into October!

--Mrs. Moor