Week at a Glance 9.18.16

This past week the Preschoolers had a full week.  On Monday, we talked about how police officers are here to help people who need help.  We discussed what an "emergency" was and we practiced how to dial 9-1-1 if we ever need to call the police, fire department or ambulance.  We also talked about how we never call that number as a joke, only in a real emergency.  The kids practiced picking up a phone and dialing, and also identifying the digits 9-1-1 on a cell phone.

On Tuesday we read a story about going to the dentist.  We discussed how some foods are "always" foods (fruit, vegetables, etc.) and are good for our teeth and how some foods are "sometimes" foods (cookies, candy, soda, etc.) and how too much of those foods hurts our bodies and our teeth.  We then took toothbrushes and "brushed" a tooth with white paint, cleaning it and making it nice and white.  The afternoon kids had fun mixing ingredients to make SLIME!  We practiced safe science by wearing our safety goggles and following directions.

On Wednesday, we had fun looking at some real tools and talking about what they did.  We found a stud in the wall, and practiced our hammering skills by hammering golf tees into a pumpkin!  The kids had fun pretending to be "construction workers" during centers.  

On Thursday, we started our first writing project for our first class book.  The kids dictated stories about where they would like to go on a bus.  We will finish our stories up over the next few days and add our book to our classroom library.  

Friday the kids enjoyed their buddies, and being part of our school family by attending chapel.  They also tried out a new painting technique using sponges instead of brushes.  

During music class this week Mrs. Boyer is teaching the kids to read music notes by associating them with animals sounds.  Quarter notes (1 count) are "quack", half-notes (2 counts) are "Ba-aa" and whole notes (4 counts) are "mo-oo-oo-oo".  It's a total barnyard in there, and we love it!

This week in math, the afternoon kids are identifying quantities that are "one 1" and "more than one >1".

We are off to a great start in Preschool this year!

--Mrs. Moor