Week at a Glance 11.4.16

Here is a snapshot of some of our adventures this week...Enjoy!

On Tuesday, the afternoon kids learned about why things fall to the ground (gravity).  We also did an experiment testing various objects on a ramp and deciding whether or not they would slide or roll.  We discussed why certain object shapes roll and why others slide.  We discovered that items with edges, flat sides, etc. only slide, round objects roll, and some do both depending on what angle we tried (the cylinder block rolled when on it's side and slid when up on it's flat side).  I gave them a piece pf paper, and we decided it would slide down the ramp.  I then asked how we could get it to roll.  One student had the idea to crumple it up.  We learned that if we change the shape, our paper could roll! We then broke into groups and with tubes, marbles and blocks, had fun building ramps to roll marbles down.  What a fun afternoon!

The kids are working hard in music class practicing our songs for the upcoming Christmas program.  Starting in December, we will join Kindergarten for music class at 9:00 am to practice with them as we will be performing together.  We will resume our regular music class time in January.

On Thursday this week our afternoon kids were invited as special guests to go down to Mrs. Halversen's 3rd grade classroom to watch her students perform some puppet shows.  The kids had fun watching, and were very polite guests.  The 3rd graders did a great job!

The kids had a BLAST during Thursdays afternoon recess, playing in the leaves, throwing them up and running around and jumping in piles.  

On Friday we switched out our theme center and now have a dramatic play "house" complete with kitchen, dress up clothes, food, etc. The kids have been pretending to be a family, take care of their babies, cook food, set the table, etc. So fun to watch them pretend!!