Week at a Glance 11.4.16

Here is a snapshot of some of our adventures this week...Enjoy!

On Tuesday, the afternoon kids learned about why things fall to the ground (gravity).  We also did an experiment testing various objects on a ramp and deciding whether or not they would slide or roll.  We discussed why certain object shapes roll and why others slide.  We discovered that items with edges, flat sides, etc. only slide, round objects roll, and some do both depending on what angle we tried (the cylinder block rolled when on it's side and slid when up on it's flat side).  I gave them a piece pf paper, and we decided it would slide down the ramp.  I then asked how we could get it to roll.  One student had the idea to crumple it up.  We learned that if we change the shape, our paper could roll! We then broke into groups and with tubes, marbles and blocks, had fun building ramps to roll marbles down.  What a fun afternoon!

The kids are working hard in music class practicing our songs for the upcoming Christmas program.  Starting in December, we will join Kindergarten for music class at 9:00 am to practice with them as we will be performing together.  We will resume our regular music class time in January.

On Thursday this week our afternoon kids were invited as special guests to go down to Mrs. Halversen's 3rd grade classroom to watch her students perform some puppet shows.  The kids had fun watching, and were very polite guests.  The 3rd graders did a great job!

The kids had a BLAST during Thursdays afternoon recess, playing in the leaves, throwing them up and running around and jumping in piles.  

On Friday we switched out our theme center and now have a dramatic play "house" complete with kitchen, dress up clothes, food, etc. The kids have been pretending to be a family, take care of their babies, cook food, set the table, etc. So fun to watch them pretend!!

Week at a Glance 10.3.16


Here are some highlights from last week:

On Monday we talked about the job of a paramedic.  We watched a short video that showed us what paramedics do.  It also gave us a tour of the inside of an ambulance.  We also rehearsed dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency to reach the ambulance, police and fire department.

On Tuesday we practiced rhythm in Mrs. Boyer's music class.  We used sticks, shakers, and tambourines to try out rhythms for "If You're Happy and You Know It".  Her goal is to get the kids reading music and be ready to play instruments by kindergarten!  They did very well staying on rhythm.  

Tuesday afternoon, our scientists tried out putting two elements together (vinegar and baking soda) and watching the reaction.  There were squeals of delight and surprise as they took their droppers and dropped vinegar onto the baking soda.  We then put some baking powder into plastic bottles and watched as the "explosion" went up and over the top, flowing down the side like lava!  Very fun and very messy! ;)

Wednesday was a special day as we each brought in a special stuffed animal to take care of during our nurse guest presentation. A parent came in today and talked about what nurses do and who they take care of. She had a nurse's cap and nursing bag with supplies for each kid. They went through the bag and treated their stuffy, checking in their mouths, swabbing a wound, putting on a bandaid and bandage and giving an injection. The kids LOVED it and were very kind and compassionate with their patients. 

On Thursday we continued practicing our rhythm with Mrs. Boyer by clapping and singing a fun version of "Who's the King of the Jungle".  We also talked about where we shop, which stores we like and what we buy.  

Friday the kids tried painting with something other than brushes, we used produce!!  To go along with our "Farmer" topic, we used paint and broccoli, carrots, apples, celery and potatoes to create some beautiful art.  Check it out when you're in the classroom next. 

Be sure you check out the photos from our week...enjoy!!

--Mrs. Moor

Week at a Glance 9.26.16

Our Week, 9/19-9/23

Monday our preschoolers read "Trashy Town" and followed garbage man Mr. Gilly around town as he picked up garbage and filled his truck.  We then made our own garbage trucks and had a class discussion about which items we can recycle and which go in the trash can.  We sorted pictures into recyclables: metal, paper, glass and plastic; and those items we can't recycle.  In math, we studied the number 2 and practiced our sorting skills.

On Tuesday we had a special treat!  A student's dad visited our class and brought in all the materials we needed to make working plumbing!  We cut pipe, glued on fittings, and using two buckets, were able to pour water into a funnel and watch it come out the other end!  We all had a blast getting wet and watching gravity work as we enjoyed this hands-on plumbing experience!  THANK YOU for making today special!

On Tuesday afternoon, the kids took unconventional materials (uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows) and engineered their ideas using these two things (we MAY have tasted a few, just to make sure they were quality building materials!).  We had a great time using trial and error to find out what techniques worked best.

On Wednesday we took a short trip down the hall to the kitchen and tried out hand at cooking!  We melted butter and marshmallows, then mixed in rice krispy cereal and made rice krispy treats!  They were delicious!!  Wednesday afternoon our 3rd grade reading buddies came in and read with us.  This reading buddy program is new this year, and we are loving it!!

Thursday we discussed eating out at a restaurant and what waiters and waitresses do.  We put out a table, place mats, aprons, tablets, a stove and play food and dishes and ran our very own restaurant!

On Friday, we tried out "painting" without paint!  The kids used yarn to "paint" on the sticky back of contact paper.  They had a great time and made some really beautiful artwork.  

We had a great week and it's hard to believe we are almost into October!

--Mrs. Moor

Week at a Glance 9.18.16

This past week the Preschoolers had a full week.  On Monday, we talked about how police officers are here to help people who need help.  We discussed what an "emergency" was and we practiced how to dial 9-1-1 if we ever need to call the police, fire department or ambulance.  We also talked about how we never call that number as a joke, only in a real emergency.  The kids practiced picking up a phone and dialing, and also identifying the digits 9-1-1 on a cell phone.

On Tuesday we read a story about going to the dentist.  We discussed how some foods are "always" foods (fruit, vegetables, etc.) and are good for our teeth and how some foods are "sometimes" foods (cookies, candy, soda, etc.) and how too much of those foods hurts our bodies and our teeth.  We then took toothbrushes and "brushed" a tooth with white paint, cleaning it and making it nice and white.  The afternoon kids had fun mixing ingredients to make SLIME!  We practiced safe science by wearing our safety goggles and following directions.

On Wednesday, we had fun looking at some real tools and talking about what they did.  We found a stud in the wall, and practiced our hammering skills by hammering golf tees into a pumpkin!  The kids had fun pretending to be "construction workers" during centers.  

On Thursday, we started our first writing project for our first class book.  The kids dictated stories about where they would like to go on a bus.  We will finish our stories up over the next few days and add our book to our classroom library.  

Friday the kids enjoyed their buddies, and being part of our school family by attending chapel.  They also tried out a new painting technique using sponges instead of brushes.  

During music class this week Mrs. Boyer is teaching the kids to read music notes by associating them with animals sounds.  Quarter notes (1 count) are "quack", half-notes (2 counts) are "Ba-aa" and whole notes (4 counts) are "mo-oo-oo-oo".  It's a total barnyard in there, and we love it!

This week in math, the afternoon kids are identifying quantities that are "one 1" and "more than one >1".

We are off to a great start in Preschool this year!

--Mrs. Moor