Electricity and Magnetism: Van de Graaff Generators

This is what happens to your hair when you place your hand on a Van de Graaff Generator. For more information about Van de Graaff Generators, click here


Hot Wheels Motion Lab

Hot Wheels Lab Photos
Using a Triple Beam Balance

Hot Wheels Lab (uses Vernier Photogates, LabPro Interface & TI Graphing Calculators)
Note: To correctly print the Hot Wheels font in these lab sheets you will need to install a font called Heavy Heap.  
A Google search should help you find the Heavy Heap font available for free download on one of several sites.

Hot Wheels Lab with Photogates (PDF)
Hot Wheels Lab with Photogates (MS Word)

Simple Hot Wheels Lab (uses stopwatches)
Hot Wheels Lab Sheet (PDF)
Hot Wheels Lab Sheet (MS Word)

Efficiency of Hotwheels Cars with Rolling Friction

Teacher Resources
Toyota Tapestry Mini-Grant Project Page: Teaching Physics with Toy Cars!


Model Rocket Safety Code Test