Alice Boyer, Music Teacher
Phone: 503-649-5518 x312


Christmas concert is Tuesday, December 20 at 7pm in the school gym! 

Music Education Philosophy

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Uniform Information

Christmas concert: 

All students please dress in festive clothing. 

Girls: May wear dresses, but tights or leggings may need to be worn with dresses for modesty due to being up on stage. Slacks and tops are fine as well. 

Boys: LONG sleeve button front shirts with or without ties may be worn. If you choose to wear a sweater or other style shirt, it must be long sleeved and free of logos or characters. Slacks are preferred over blue jeans. 

Students in the STOMP portion of the program: Please have plain black slacks or leggings and plain black t-shirts. If there is a financial issue with acquiring these please email Mrs. Boyer or call the school office and let us know so we can make arrangements to help with this. 

Handbell choir: Ladies - black dresses or black slacks and a black top. Gentlemen - black slacks and black long sleeved dress shirt. Please be mindful that you do not have beading, buttons, etc. on your shirt where you will be dampening the bells.