August 2017

Parent Involvement = Student Success!

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Did you know that when schools, families and community groups work together to support learning...children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more? 

Here are some ways you can be involved with your student's education at TVA: 

1. PRAY - Pray for our school, the board, the principal, the teachers, and our students.

2. READ - Read the communication that comes from the school, from the Home & School Newsletter, and from your student's teacher. Be informed about what is happening at TVA and what opportunities are available to your student.

3. SURVEYS - Let your voice be heard. Fill out the surveys that you receive. Your opinion matters and it influences the decisions that are made by the school. 

4. CLASSROOM PARENT - Volunteer to be a classroom parent in your student's classroom to assist that teacher in providing an optimal learning experience for your student. 

5. PARTICIPATE - Participate in fundraisers! Save your Boxtops, buy SCRIPT, go to the Harvest Festival, go to the Christmas Bazaar, and help your child get pledges for the Walk-a-thon.

6. JOIN - Join Home & School!
- ATTEND - Attend monthly Home & School Meetings to hear about how parents are working with the principal and school to improve the education, campus, and experiences of our students. 
- LEAD - Choose an area that you are passionate about and help lead a group of parents to work together to bring about improvement and change.
- VOLUNTEER - Volunteer to be a part of a group that coordinates a fundraiser, plans an event, researches and promotes a new idea, offers a new experience, or provides education to the students. 


Current Projects

See a project you want to be a part of? Contact H&S at to get involved!

Marketing Team
Kindness Campaign
Campus Safety
Uniform Implementation
Second Language Classes
Campus Improvements
Student Community Service
Healthy Foods Campaign
Drama/School Production
School Vegetable Garden
School Closet & Pantry

Home and School Team

Angie Peterson - President
Rachel Blackburn - Marketing Team & School Board Rep
Heather Thayne - Newsletter & Involvement Coordinator
Anumeha Gupta - Class Parent Coordinator
Rachna Patro & Michelle Willard - Art Smart
Beth James - Box Tops
Erin Hrabal - Magazine Drive
....your name here!

Help Needed


Team Members Needed:

- Art Smart  (Quarterly) - 4-6 people needed now!
- Classroom Parents - Many needed now. 
- Magazine Drive  (Sept) - 3-6 people needed.
- Battle of the Books (2x/mo) Parent coaches for 18 teams needed.
- Marketing Team
- Holiday Bazaar (Nov) Team
- Staff Appreciation Week (Feb) Team
- Open House (March) Snacks & Volunteers Team
- Grandparent’s Day (Spring)

Leaders Wanted:

- Holiday Bazaar Coord (Nov)
- Campus Improvements
- Second Language Program
- Student Community Service
- School Clothes Closet & Pantry
- Drama/School Production
- School Vegetable Garden
- Open House
- Staff Appreciation Week (Feb)

Home & School 2017 Survey


Results Part 1

Respondents: 76

Question #1: School Improvements

42% - Air Conditioning and Better Temp Control
26% - Restroom/Bathroom Remodel
13% - Gym Remodel
11% - Sports Field Improvement
8% - Other

Question #2 - School Uniforms

50% - Supportive of TVA School Uniforms (38 responses)
32% - Supportive w/questions (24 responses)
17% - Concerns that may impact attending TVA (13 responses)
1% - Will not attend if there are uniforms (1 response)

Question #3 - School Education Focus

1. Kindness Campaign (Anti-Bullying)
2. Student Community Service
3. Safety Education
4. Social Education
5. Healthy Foods Campaign
6. Growth and Development

Question #4 - TVA Plan for PreK-12th Grade

55% - I will send my child through 12th Grade.
30% - I will consider sending my child through 12th Grade.
15% - I will not be sending my child through 12th Grade.

(...more survey results in the next newsletter.)

Home and School Calendar


September 8-22 - Magazine Drive - Home and School Fundraiser
September 12 - Home and School Meeting at 7PM in the Spynergy Room
September 18 - School Board Meeting at 7PM in the School Library
October 9 - Home and School Meeting at 7PM in the Spynergy Room
October 16 - School Board Meeting at 7PM in the School Library
October - Harvest Festival - Come support the school while having Harvest Fun!
November 14 - Home and School Meeting at 7PM in the Spynergy Room
November - Holiday Bazaar - Home and School Fundraiser - Come shop for Christmas gifts while raising money for the school.
November 20 - School Board Meeting at 7PM in the School Library

Teacher and Staff Wish Lists

Items Needed: 

  • Puppets - Preschool - Mrs. Moor
  • Dress Up Clothes - Preschool - Mrs. Moor
  • Magazines - Preschool - Old copies or a new subscription to Ranger Rick Jr., National Geographic Little Kids, Lady Bug, etc. - Mrs. Moor
  • Mystery Box Items - Preschool - Cool/interesting, shells, feathers, etc. - Mrs. Moor
  • Water Bottles (disposable) - all shapes and sizes. Many! - 4th Grade - Ms. Chadwick
  • Yoga Balls - Alternate seating - Upper Grade Math Room - Mrs. Beck
  • Old Binoculars - "The Amazon Binocular Project" - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler
  • Camera - Point and Shoot. One that does well with macro shots and low light - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler
  • Oscilloscope - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler
  • Bird Seed and Suet and Feeders - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler
  • Wood Chips - For Bird Bind - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler

Connections Needed: 

  • Weather Station Field Trip - 4th Grade- Ms. Chadwick

Building Help Needed: 

  • Classroom Loft - 1st and 2nd Grade - Mrs. Wendt

Guest Speakers Needed: 

  • September Theme "The Pond"  - Preschool - Mrs. Moor
  • Medical Field Specialists (MD, DDS, RN, MA, RDH, PT, OT, ST, RD) - 4th Grade - Ms. Chadwick
  • Biomimicry or Biomimetrics - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler would like someone to come talk about "the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems."

Volunteer Help Needed: 

  • Marine Biology Trip (Sept 12-14) - Help needed to prepare for the trip, organize the food, get a female chaperone, and obtain firewood - Mr. Kahler
  • Bird Feeders - Repair or replacement of feeders at bird blind - Mr. Kahler
  • Small Grant Writing - Mr. Kahler is wanting to raise funds to invest in Vernier data collection probes and equipment and audio recording equipment for collecting bird call/songs. 

Funding Needed

  • The Bug Chicks - Guest Speakers - Two female entomologists who teach about the incredible world of insects, spiders and arthropods - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler
  • Water Fountains - The school needs 4 new water fountains. The old ones do not filter water and make filling a water bottle very difficult. New fountains would eliminate the need to buy filtered water for the classrooms. Cost $1000 each. - TVA Office