September 2017

Why Have a School Uniform?

Over the past several years, many parents at TVA have expressed an interest in having a school uniform at TVA. Other parents have asked, "Why do we need a school uniform at all?" There are many reasons to have a school uniform...but here are just a few that could be beneficial to both the students, and the teachers, of TVA.

Increased School Pride - Everyone fits in at school! Just like athletic uniforms for a sports team....a school uniform creates a sense of oneness and belonging. Everyone is on the same team! A sense of loyalty is felt by the student and they are inspired to perform at
their best level.

Improved Behavior - Uniforms have shown to raise student's expectations of themselves. When dressed neatly and seriously, teachers report that students are calmer, more polite, and are more attentive. Students feel confident and secure and have more confidence in themselves. Behavior problems are minimized and learning is maximized.

Improved Learning Environment - When uniforms are worn, the focus is on learning, not clothing. In our culture, there is heavy competition to dress "right" and peer pressure to conform to high invisible standards. Uniforms help shift the emphasis from competition to academic performance and therefore teachers report less disruptions and distractions. This also allows students to explore areas like music, art, sports, or academics to express and
define themselves beyond their clothing or fashion style. A unique individual is developed not from appearance, but rather from their intellect, personality, and skills.

Increased Parent Satisfaction - Parents report that uniforms decrease their student's tardiness to school, decrease arguments about appropriate school attire, and are cost effective to their
family budget.

Increased Standing of School in the Community - Uniforms bring an image of success to both students and the school. The community takes note when it sees the students and makes
assumptions about the level of education provided there. Implementing uniforms at TVA could help boost school enrollment.

Paves the Way for Positive Change - Many studies have shown that implementing a school uniform has helped pave the way for further programs that improve and impact the direction of the school. Uniforms at TVA could help us achieve our dream for a PreK-12th Grade

Do you have a strong opinion about uniforms?
Currently there is a Uniform Committee who is meeting to discuss the possibility of having uniforms at TVA. They are also researching the many uniform options available. Please feel free to join this group and make your voice heard! They will meet again on Tuesday, October 10 @ 7:00pm during the Home & School Meeting.


Current Projects

See a project you want to be a part of? Contact H&S at to get involved!
Marketing Team
Kindness Campaign
Campus Safety
Uniform Implementation
Second Language Classes
Campus Improvements
Student Community Service
Healthy Foods Campaign
Drama/School Production
School Vegetable Garden
School Closet & Pantry

Home & School Team

Angie Peterson - President
Rachel Blackburn - Marketing Team & School Board Rep
Heather Thayne - Newsletter
Anumeha Gupta - Classroom Parent Coordinator
Rachna Patro & Michelle Willard - Art Smart
Beth James - Box Tops
Erin Hrabal - Magazine Drive
....your name here!


Help Needed

Leaders Wanted:
- Campus Improvements
- Second Language Program
- Student Community Service
- School Clothes Closet & Pantry
- Open House (March)

Team Members STILL Needed:
- Art Smart (Quarterly) - 4-6 people needed to be on the art team.
- Battle of the Books (2x/mo) Coaches for 18 teams needed.
- Marketing Team
- Harvest Party (Oct) Team
- Holiday Bazaar (Nov) Team
- Open House (March) Snacks & Volunteers Team
- Grandparent’s Day (Spring)
- Drama/School Production

Home & School 2017 Survey Results Part II


Respondents: 76

Question #5: Competitive Athletics at TVA
43% - More athletic opportunities wanted.
36% - Current athletic opportunities adequate.
7% - Athletics not important.
14% - Other

Question #6: Communication Preferences
(Ranked in order of importance)
1) Email from school
2) Weekly Notes from Teachers
3) Thursday Note
4) Home & School Newsletter
5) TVA Facebook Page
6) Texts to phone

Question #7: Second Language Classes
41% - Willing to pay extra for student to learn another language.
55% - Would like student to learn another language but are not willing to pay extra.
4% - Learning another language is not important.

Surveys are an excellent way to gather a consensus on different topics when we can't all be in the same room together. They are also a great way to make your voice known & heard. Watch your email for more surveys from Home & School!

Home & School Calendar


10 - Home & School Meeting - 7pm - Spynergy Room - All welcome!
16 - School Board Meeting - 7pm - School Library. All welcome!
29 - Harvest Festival - 6pm-9pm - TVA Gym - Come support the school while having Harvest Fun. - H&S Fundraiser

12 - Holiday Bazaar - 10am-3pm - TVA Gym - Come shop for Christmas gifts while raising money for the school. - H&S Fundraiser supporting 8th Grade classroom needs
14 - Kindergarten Preview - 8:15am-12:00pm. - Invite potential students to experience "Kindergarten for a Day". There are also additional days scheduled for January 30th and
February 13th.
14 - Home & School Meeting - 7pm - Spynergy Room. All welcome!
20 - School Board Meeting 7pm - School Library. All welcome!

Teacher and Staff Wish Lists


Items Needed:

Puppets - Preschool - Mrs. Moor
Dress Up Clothes - Preschool - Mrs. Moor
Magazines - Preschool – Old copies of or a new subscription to - Ranger Rick Jr., National
Geographic Little Kids, Lady Bug, etc. - Mrs. Moor
Mystery Box Items - Preschool - Cool/interesting, shells, feathers, etc. - Mrs. Moor
Picture Books - Preschool - Mrs. Moor
Water Bottles (empty, clean, disposable) - 30 of them. All shapes and sizes. - 5th Grade - Mrs.
Chromebooks (2-4) - 6th Grade - Mrs. Springer
STEM Project Supplies - Mini marshmallows, spaghetti noodles, gallon ziplock bags, tin foil,
rubber bands, popsicle sticks, Elmers glue, plastic wrap, straws, masking tape - 6th Grade - Mrs. Springer
Yoga Balls - Seating - Math Room - Mrs. Beck
Old Binoculars – “The Amazon Binocular Project” - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler
Bird Seed/Suet & Feeders/Wood Ships for Bird Blind - 7th-10th - Mr. Kahler
Binder Holders & Magazine Holders - Resource Center. - Mrs. Priddy
Comfy Chairs - Tween/Teen Reading Center - Mrs. Priddy

Connections Needed:

Weather Station Field Trip – 4th Grade – Ms. Chadwick

Guest Speakers Needed:

October Theme "Seasons & Weather" - Preschool - Mrs. Moor
Medical Field Specialists (MD, DDS, RN, MA, RDH, PT, OT, ST, RD, ) - 4th Grade - Ms. Chadwick
Biomimicry or Biomimetics - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler.

Volunteer Help Needed:

School Bus Drivers - We currently only have a few people who are able to drive the school bus for field trips and events. Can you help us?
Bird Feeders - Repair or replacement of feeders at bird blind. – Mr. Kahler
Computer Lab - Mrs. Wendt needs help with her students on Wednesdays from 1:00-1:30pm.
Bulletin Boards - Feeling Crafty? Mrs. Priddy needs help putting up bulletin boards.

Funding Needed:

15 Passenger Van - We need a school van that can easily transport our high school students and smaller classes on trips and to events.
The Bug Chicks - Guest Speakers - Two female entomologists who teach about the incredible
world of insects, spiders and arthropods. Cost $350 - Upper Grades - Mr. Kahler

Building Help Needed:

Classroom Loft - 1st & 2nd Grade - Mrs. Wendt

Thank You!


Thanks to some very wonderful people....we received the following donations last month:

1) $5000 for the new drinking fountains!!!
2) Oscilloscope
3) Camera equipment

We greatly thank you for your generosity and kindness!