September 22, 2017

Dear Parents,

        We are almost done with our first month of Kindergarten! It has been a fun week learning about the letter “e” and starting to put our numbers we have learned together. Next week will be an awesome week as well. Our letter of the week will be “H” and we will continue our unit in math. We will also be doing a unit on fire safety next week and on Thursday at 2:00 we will be visited by a fire engine from the Hillsboro Fire Department. Parents are welcome to attend (just be sure to check in at the front office).

        Also next week on Friday will be our schools first Spirit Day. This will be a themed Friday once a month where students dress up in different ways. The theme for next Friday will be Book Character Day (students should dress up as their favorite book character). Other than that it should be a normal week next week. As always let me know of any questions or comments you have.


Clark L. Woodworth