May 19, 2017

Dear Parents,

        Another week down, only 3 and a half to go. Next week we have two events planned. The first is our OMSI trip which most of you have already turned in a permission slip for. I have extra if anyone needs them. Also our last ArtSmart of the year will be next Thursday the 25th at 1:00. We need volunteers so if you can be there for that please let me know.

        We found our letter “x” this week which was officially our last letter to learn about for the year. The rest of the year we will focus on letter families (sh, ch, etc.) and sight words.

        In math we are continuing our lessons on place value. Through the rest of the year we will try to get through basic shapes and begin to talk about time and money. Also in science and social studies we will continue to talk about plants/farming in a unit that was started by our awesome Plumper Pumpkin Patch field trip.



Clark L. Woodworth