October 13, 2017

Dear Parents,

        One major announcement about the field trips next week. Our school bus broke down last week so we are finding other means of transportation. We should have rides to the Kinderkonzert on Monday and the Pumpkin Patch on Wednesday but please send your child with their booster seat on those days. We are planning on using our schools mini bus as well as passenger vans so please send their booster seats on those days.

        In other news, we will be having a math test next week over chapter 2. This chapter covered comparing numbers 1-5 (lesser than, greater than, equal to). This test will be on Tuesday. Our letter of the week next week will be “R”. In social studies/science we will finish up our unit on bugs and move on to a unit on the fall season. As always let me know any questions, comments, or concerns you have.


Clark L. Woodworth