September 16, 2016

Kindergarten News

Dear Parents,

        The third week of school is over and we have been doing some exciting things. We started our official math work this week, working with the numbers 1 and 2. We also started reading groups this week. You will see papers from reading groups in your child’s backpacks. Remember I do not require these to be brought back they are just another tool to read at home with.

        Next week we will continue learning about numbers 0-5 in math. We will also have our first “Letter of the Week” and it will be the letter A. This means all our Language Arts activities will be focused on the letter A. We will also continue our social studies unit on how to be safe in different situations.

        Also Kindergarten soccer is in full swing and it has been requested that if your child is in soccer you send a water bottle with them on soccer days. Thank you and have a good weekend.


Clark L. Woodworth