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Communication Technology Philosophy

The fields of communication and technology are ever changing and evolving. Tualatin Valley Academy seeks to be on the cutting edge of this wave, preparing our students with relevant life skills to tackle challenges related to this topic in the real world. Students create, produce and edit videos and other projects, and then present them at TVA's yearly film festival. 


Communications and Technology (Middle School)
Students will work within many communications and technology mediums including, but not limited to: video creation, photo editing, digital portfolio creation, document creation, drama creation, music editing and physical crafts. 

Project Integration (High School)
Students will learn how the things they are learning in their core curriculum classes impact real life situations. Practical applications will be woven throughout the curriculum, which is based on a STEAM model. Critical thinking, creative problem solving and teamwork will be emphasized.

Students will learn elements of many programs which may include (but are not limited to) photography, videography, music and music editing, 3D modeling, graphic design and web design as well as skills related to professionalism and public speaking. They will use these projects to begin building an online portfolio to present when they apply for college.

Students will be tasked with working on projects that align with their areas of interest and/or strengths to work together to identify, design and produce those projects to completion. Projects focusing on missions and service to others will be emphasized. 

Student Projects