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Coming Fall 2016!

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Coming Fall 2016!


Religion I (9/10)

I. God: the I Am - An exploration of God's existence, who He is, what He is like, and how we can have a real relationship with Him.
II. God on a Cross - God's response to the problem of sin was to send Jesus, the ultimate gift to humankind.
III. God Gifts 1 - God has chosen to lavish His love upon us through many gifts. Through a deeper understanding of the gift of creation, we can appreciate and defend a creationist worldview.
IV. God Gifts 2 - God's gift of grace as seen through Old Testament stories shows us a lowing God who forgives in spite of failure. 

Religion II (9/10)

I. The God Choice - God has pursued His chosen people throughout history, yet repeatedly they have chosen the world over Him. In the Old Testament stories of Hosea, David and Ruth, we see the characteristics of individuals who lived their lives after God's own heart.
II. Serving God - The birth of the early church brought challenges and wonder as the Holy Spirit was poured onto people committed to living after God's own heart. 
III. God is My Lord - When we are connected to Jesus, our lives and the ways in which we relate to the world around us change. Our relationship with God will determine things such as: our prayer life, Bible study, how we view God's law, and how we make discerning lifestyle choices. 
IV. God in My World - The book of Romans shares how faith, grace and the cross changes everything for the Christian believer. 


Coming Fall 2016!