SCRIP - Fundraising That Doesn't Cost a Dime!

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Did you know that just by shopping at your regular stores you can earn money for TVA?

Through the SCRIP program, if you purchase gift cards to your favorite stores TVA can earn a percentage back.

For example, if you spend $25 a week at Fred Meyer and you use a gift card purchased through Scrip, the cost to you would only be $25 a week, but TVA would earn $1 for that week. Multiply that by 52 weeks and the school earns $52 for the year just from one family. If we could get 100 families to buy their groceries using the Scrip gift cards that would be over $5,000 a year of additional funding for TVA!

SCRIP funds go towards facility upgrades. In the past money earned from the Scrip Program has been used to buy air conditioner units for classrooms and the cafeteria and an upgrade to the Staff Work room. 

We will be placing the first SCRIP order on Tuesday, September 18th at 10:00 a.m. Orders can be picked up on the Friday of the same week.  Remember all SCRIP orders must be turned into the office no later than the 3rd Tuesday of each month by 10:00 a.m. and prepaid.  

Click here for the order form.  Checks can be made payable to TVA. If you have any questions, contact the front office.

Thank you for supporting our students and our school!


Jump Rope for Heart

Every year at this time Tualatin Valley Academy devotes an entire month to the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart event. 

The AHA is dedicated to building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Considering heart disease is the #1 killer in America, we feel this is a cause worth supporting. 

This fundraiser is our chance to give back to the community we live in, therefore 100% of the funds raised will go to the American Heart Association to help fight heart disease and stroke. Each student has been challenged to raise $15 for the AHA.

In PE class, our overall goal at TVA is for each student to learn to live a life full of movement. Jumping rope is one of those movements. For this unit, we are challenging every student be able to jump 100 jumps non-stop. 

Our Jump Rope for Heart event is scheduled for Friday, March 17. Classes who reach their goals have the chance to win a variety of prizes, up to and including getting to silly string their homeroom teacher, Mr. Chamberlain AND Mr. Tillotson at chapel! 

Thank you so much for your continued support of Eagles Athletics and for supporting the American Heart Association!

It's Boxtop Season!

It’s time to turn in your boxtops!

Each class will collect BOXTOPS starting Monday, January 16th with the last day to turn in being Friday, February 17th.

Each class that meets the mark of 400 BOXTOPS will get an opportunity for a class prize, and the class with the highest amount will get a bigger prize.

In addition this year, any class that collects more than 1,000 will be able to keep 20% of what they bring in for their classroom. Grades 7, 8 and 9 get to keep 50% of the money earned for what they collect!

Thanks for supporting TVA through BOXTOPS! 

Do You Shop at

Do you shop at Maybe you shop there all the time. Maybe you shop there occasionally. 

Did you know that if you shop at and choose Tualatin Valley Academy as your charity, 0.5% of every purchase of eligible merchandise will go to TVA? 

You can help TVA by purchasing the things you would normally purchase!

No extra cost to you, no extra cost to the school, and you're buying the things you already buy for your household - no buying anything extra just for the sake of fundraising! is the giving arm of It has all the same merchandise. You just have to be sure that you go to instead of when you shop. 

So when you do that Christmas shopping or set up your subscribe and save items or buy a one-off something, be sure you're doing that through 

Thanks for supporting TVA!

2016 Walk-a-thon UPDATE - We need your help!

Update: We need your help!

This year's Walk-a-thon is raising money to pave and stripe the school parking lot.

A donor will match raised funds dollar for dollar up to $19,000. Each student has been tasked with raising $100 to meet this maximum.

Donors can now make contributions online using a credit card. Simply click here. Please be sure to include the name of the child you’re supporting in the notes section so that they are credited for the great prizes.

We are excited to announce that our 7th annual Walk-a-thon is coming soon!

When: Friday, May 13th

Where: TVA's track

Why: Funds raised from this event will go towards paving/striping the parking lot.

What we need from students: Fundraising and the energy to walk as many laps as possible! 

Walk-a-thon pledge sheets were sent home on Friday, April 15th, and a NEW online donation option is available here.

What we need from parents: Volunteers! If you are available, please join us from 8:30AM - noon on May 13th.

Want to help? Contact Angie Peterson at or phone/ text at 503-523-8115.