We are happy to announce that Irma Ramos will be the Agape Feast coordinator. If you would like to help her team out, please email Irma directly or Laura Eng at hands@tvja.org.

Agape Feast 2016-2017

What are the responsibilities of the Agape Feast Coordinator?

Partner with Home & School to supply the event at the end of Week of Prayer with grape juice, bread and grapes.
Build a team for prepping and cleaning up after the event.
Connect with the Marketing Team as needed to ensure the programs are appropriately promoted. 
The budget is about $300.

What is the time commitment?

As you are able, provide periodic updates to the Home & School group via email/text/cell/meeting attendance in the way that accommodates your schedule the best. 
The event may require at least 3 hours on the day-of the event.